Archeer Bluetooth Headphones with Speaker

A whole new take on rockin’ the music. And here’s why it works for me.
I need a set of good headphones at work. First, because MUSIC. If it’s a day I’m going to be at the computer a lot it makes the digital work a lot easier to deal with. And, it helps me relax. I’ve found that on the days I have music going, my shoulders start hurting terrible after 20 or so minutes. When I’m listening to music I must relax more because my shoulders and back don’t bother me near as bad. Also, I do a lot of conference calls and web ex, these work great. A lot better than the headphones we were issued. These are comfortable, I can wear them a lot longer, like forever, without feeling the pressure on my ears. The microphone works very well on calls.
But the second thing is, I work on Sundays and I’m the only one there. Why would I waste my awesome music on headphones? Sundays are when I can play my music loud, to the entire office. Well! Problem solved! All I do is flip the button and these comfortable, great sounding, great looking headphones turn into an awesome set of speakers. If I don’t want to wear down the battery using bluetooth, I can plug them in via the auxilliary cable. They charge quickly via the USB cable (inlcuded) and so far have outlived my 10 hour days. Although, full disclosure, I’ve never used them the full 10 hours. But I’ve never had to charge them in the middle of work day after a full charge.
The sound is great. The headphones surround my ears with soft padded cushion and they completely block out the rest of the world. You feel like you sink into comfort and amazing sound. It’s like total silence when you first put them on, and then the music starts and it’s like you’re in a vacuum with only music being pumped right into your head. Really sweet. Very easy to use all of the controls, they’re on the front and curve around to the bottom of the earpiece. A long press on the volume button will cycle through your playlist and a short press adjusts the volume.
A great set, both as a speaker and a set of headphones. Seriously try them out.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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Note that these are Amazon’s Choice!

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