The Wolf Moon Mole Removal Pen

I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now. Summary – it does appear to work. Here are the details to that summary.

I am a sun worshipper and have paid for it. I am also in my 50’s. I have a few age spots on my face, but my shoulders and chest are covered with what looks like freckles, but I know is sun damage and age spots. I have an increasing number of them now appearing on my lower arms.  Most of them are tiny and I haven’t worried about them too much, but there are a few larger ones I’ve been concerned with. Before I deal with the ones on my face, the ones that bother me the most, I wanted to test this out elsewhere. I have an exceptionally large spot right in the center of my breast bone. That seemed a good place to start. It wasn’t actually raised like a mole, but when I ran my finger over the area, I could tell where it was. I also had 3 larger ones on my lower arm I thought I’d start with. The pictures I’ve included show the before pictures and are labeled.

Now there are 2 options for use. There are a few of the larger steel points included for your larger areas. Those are what I used. There are also a large number of needle tiny ones. Those  I will use on the little freckles I have everywhere. Those are the type that just a quick touch will be enough. They’re easy to install, easy to change out, and the device is ready to use immediately. I love that it’s rechargeable and I won’t be worrying about keeping batteries in it.

I didn’t know what to expect, I’ve never used something like this. So turned it on, set the dial to a 3, and pushed the OUT button and touched the tip of the piece to my spot. I immediately felt heat, a little electrical shock. it does hurt the first time. It gives me goose bumps thinking about it now. It’s not unbearable, it’s not as bad as getting a tattoo. I ended up actually using the side of the pin so I could get a larger area at a time. You quickly get used to the feeling. You can hold the button down and do a large area by sweeping back and forth. It goes quicker then instead of push, touch, wait, push, touch, wait. If you keep the button pushed and run it along the spot, there is the good possibility you might see a little spark or two. I did the same with my arm. I had 3 in a cluster and just brushed the pin along the side, a couple of brief sparks. Right afterwards the area was pretty red and itchy. In 24 hours the redness had lessened, but was still visible and still itchy. I had no bleeding. Within a couple of days the one on my chest was visibly starting to fade. I could tell where I had touched it longer, those areas I can see skin. There is still a light pigmentation but much much lighter. The ones on my arms did scab over and they itch quite often. Because there are scabs, when I itch them in my sleep, the scabs come loose and I do bleed. I’ve included those pictures. I can’t actually tell if those spots are gone, because there are scabs and sores, but it does look like it. It’s been a week now.

So it’s going to take awhile to heal and to tell for sure, just be patient. I’m going to have to re-do the one on my chest. I’m going to try to find the sweet spot where it fades like on my chest, but does not scab. I’m happy with it, it seems to do what it claims to. I think it would be best in the hands of a professional, obviously, but I feel comfortable taking baby steps and figuring it out . There will be a lot of baby steps in hidden areas before I work up the nerve to do my face.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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