YoTruth 22pcs Baby Shower Decorations for Girl

I have a dear friend who is having a baby girl in July and we’re planning a baby shower for him and his wife. So, I don’t want to take everything out and set it up now, since the shower is still a couple of months away. Some things were simple to take out and put back, so those items I can tell you can easily be packed away to be used again. The little globes are super nice quality, the woven pattern is done with quality paper, these aren’t the type that are going to tear easily, and the end frames are sturdy construction. The banner with words is also strong card stock/cardboard paper. The letters look very nice, done very well. No smudging, or off center print. I’m excited to set this up and surprise him, and I’ll add more pictures of the completed set.

There are 8 options to choose from, for both a boy and a girl.

To purchase this one at $14.99, (but the prices start at $11.99), click here

There is also a $2 coupon that can be applied.

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