SAGE TECH – LED Road Flares

Ok, so once you figure these out, they work great. But good luck figuring them out. There are no instructions and they are definitely not intuitive. So I’m going to try to help you here. I had to Google them and thankfully there were some friendly souls out there that walked me right through them.
The power button doesn’t work when you first get them. Alrighty, either they have the batteries that you have to pull the strip out, or you need to install batteries. A big fail on that, I can’t find a way to do either. On the back there is a silver patch that also has a power button. That isn’t a clue, don’t waste your time. What you have to do is get a small screwdriver and take out the two screws on the back of the unit. Then you have to pull out the little hook and start pulling. You will think you’re going to break it right off. And you might. I didn’t, and I had to pull like crazy. I don’t guarantee you won’t break it, but I hope they took into consideration how hard you have to pull and really reinforced it. So pull until you think it’s going to break and eventually it will just pop out. When it gives, it almost is anti-climatic because it comes off so easy. Never fear, it’s going to be just as difficult to get it back on securely. But once the back is open, you will see that you need to install 3 AAA batteries. That part goes easy. However, I do have a few concerns about this. I really hope I don’t have to use these very often, which means the batteries could potentially set in there quite awhile. They could possibly run down, they could start leaking, especially with the change of weather we have here in the midwest. The extreme cold, way below zero, for an extended period of time could also be hard on them. As could the heat, in the high 90s with high humidity. So the other option is to not put batteries in them, and carry them in my purse separately. Well that sounds like fun. And I’m even more excited about carrying a screw driver and battling with getting the back off when I do have to use them. I would imagine I’m not going to be happy about having to get them out. Having to deal with getting them open and install the batteries I’ve been carrying around, well if the hook ever has a chance of breaking from force, this will be the time. The only saving grace is I’ll be relieved that toting the heavy batteries around all this time finally paid off.
Ok, so all snarkiness aside, once the batteries are installed and you press the power button, they work great. They have a lot of modes to cycle through and the lights are extremely bright. You will be seen. When I was first trying to figure out how they worked I saw many people say that they don’t like having to cycle through all of the light modes in order to get to where you can power them off, so I took their word on that. However, as you can see in my video I decided to do a long press and yep, that will shut them off. So, you can get to the light mode you prefer and then to shut them off, just hold the button down.
I still am not thrilled with them. 10 thumbs up for the quality, the brightness of the lights, the various modes, the construction. 1 thumbs up for the lack of thought that went into maintaining them. I wish there were instructions, I wish the back came off easier, I wish they didn’t require a screwdriver to open them, and a cell battery would have been a much better option, as you wouldn’t have to worry about the things that regular batteries do in extreme weather.

7 out of 10 thumbs up

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