EJ-Home 10-Stage Shower Filter for Premium Body Care Experience

Very very simple to install. You simply remove your current shower head, put on the white tape (included) screw on the filter, put some white tape on the other side of the filter, and screw the shower head back on. This can go anywhere on the shower, so if you have some rods, or if you have a handheld shower, it will go anywhere along those. The filter inside is large. It has dozens of holes on one side, and a mesh filter on the other. Be sure and rinse it out first as the water will come out black for awhile as the carbon rinses. I found that just rinsing the filter under the water didn’t work, you’ll want to have it in the steel enclosure so that the water is forced through it. Within about 20 seconds the water was running clear. I put this on my mother’s shower, she’s on well water and it’s always been pretty hard. One thing I was concerned about was if it would affect the water pressure and it did not. She said that she definitely noticed a difference, her skin was squeaky when she got out of the shower and it never has been before. It states it will last through 10,000 gallons. It’s just my mom in the house, so I think this is going to last her a long time.

9 out of 10 thumbs up! And the reason I’m taking one point away is because the package arrived wrapped in a plastic bag and there was something really disgusting spilled all over the bag. The box it was in was fine, but the bag covering this box was pretty bad.

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