Rose Mine Home Polish Linen & Room Spray

Compared to other linen sprays, this is a much bigger bottle, it goes a long way.
I sprayed 3 sprays right on the sleeve of the shirt I was wearing to see how quickly it dried. It was pretty damp. In less than 2 minutes it was completely dry, but the scent lingered. This works great as a room spray, you can spray it on your clothing in your closet. It is a subtle scent, but it does have staying power. You won’t notice it, if you access your closet all the time. But, when you take a sweater out you haven’t worn in a while, you will get a whiff of the scent. What I use it for is my bed sheets. I like to spray it on my pillows and sheets when I make the bed in the morning. Throughout the day the scent is trapped and when I lay down at night, it lightly envelopes me.
There are several scent options, all for an excellent price at , I purchased the Cherry Berry Promme. The citrus scent is the first note you will sense, with the musk on the finish. The musk isn’t heavy, but it is predominant over the berries. It isn’t oily, it doesn’t form a coating on counters or furniture. Dries quickly and doesn’t discolor fabric or wood. I’m all about scent, so this was a great purchase for me. It is a generous 10.14 plastic bottle.

8 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase this at $8.00, click here

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