Kitchen Bar Premium Stainless Steel Silver Ice Bucket

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This is gorgeous. The stainless steel bucket has the most beautiful glow to it. It’s flawless, not a scratch, perfectly polished. The ring handles on the side give it a tough, solid look. It holds a lot of ice, and keeps it exceptionally cold. The scoop fits well with it. A wide sturdy handle and a deep spoon, so it’s not going to grab just a few pieces of ice at a time, this is for serious ice-ers. So this is a 3 piece set, and the third piece is the waiters corkscrew. If you’ve never used one of these, I highly recommend it. They’re simple to use, they’re consistent, and they never fail you. What I love about this set is the contrast, as the corkscrew is a brushed steel instead of polished and it looks so regal all setting together.

What makes this an exceptional set is the variety of settings this could be used in.

  • It looks right at home in any style of home bar. Whether you have  a polished marble counter top or rustic wood panels, it fits right in
  • Pool side – water isn’t going to hurt it, it’s going to work extra hard to keep the ice cold in warm weather, and if it gets knocked around, it’s going to resist damage
  • Family gathering – on your counter or table top, it fits in with the buffet line or potluck
  • Around the fire pit – what a classy bucket of beer you can serve. Holds a 6 pack and plenty of ice. Or, if you have the gal pals over, chill the wine.
  • When it’s not actually filled with ice, it can add a classy or classic look to any room. Fill it with flowers in the living room, dish utensils in the kitchen or hang hand towels over it in the bathroom to impress the guests.

This is like the little black dress – every home needs one.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

To purchase this at $26.86, click here or copy and paste

Note that at the time of this posting, there is also a $3 coupon you can apply.


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