CORCIOThe Little Monk Waterfall Backflow Homemade Buddha Incense Burner

This is so sweet, it works exactly like it states, but I have to admit I had doubts. I don’t know if the smoke is heavier, more dense. But if you set it on any flat surface, the smoke gravitates downward in the most direct route. So I put it on the top-most platform and it snaked its way down, even flowing through the pinhole in the statue. Because I was filming it at the time, when I would move the camera it would disrupt the smoke so it never made it clear to the base in the video. When it can, it forms a smoke pool around the base. I love the colors. There is a great selection and all of them blend well with the stone look and color. Excellent painting and a solid little unit.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase this statue starting at $10.99, click here

Note that on some of the statues there are coupons that can be applied. There is the option to purchase the statues alone, paired with the incense, or various incense options alone.

Included is the video for the incense, and the video showing it perched atop the  Buddha.


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