VVigor Car Air Freshener

This works pretty sweet! It has a rubber 4 prong attachment on the back, so it will attach to most vents. They give a snug, secure fit. The fan is not that large, so it does not get in the way and allows most air to still come through the vent. You simply separate the front and back by unscrewing. Inside there is a white cylinder object. This is the light effect piece. You activate it by lightly pushing on the fan, and it will switch between a few different light effects, or you can shut it off. In my video it was difficult to see because it was light out, but it’s pretty cool. There is also a spot in the fan to place a scented disk. It comes with two, and they have a very fresh air type of scent. Like laundry fresh off the line (one of my favorite scents). As you can see in my video, you simply attach the fan to a vent, turn on the air, and the fan starts spinning. The higher the air flow, the faster the fan spins. And while it’s spinning, the vent is forcing the scent into the air, and the fan is disbursing it. Another awesome feature is that the scent disks are refillable with your own favorite scents. You can use fragrance oil or essential oil, and it doesn’t take that much. So, these are effectively useful as long as you have scents to add to them.

This is 10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase this at $16.99, click here


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