OUNIER Rechargeable Touch Tap Light

My video tells it all. This is very simple to use, works consistently, provides excellent light and has a lot of added features that make it even nicer. There are a ton of LED lights, so the range of light is broad and bright. Takes a short time to charge, less than an hour, and it will give 6 hours of constant use. I put this in my closet. They’re deep and dark and have no light. I attached the snap holder with the double sided sticky tape and it holds it in place well. Even when I pull the light out to charge it, the holder stays in place. I have a shelf half way up my closet. Due to its position I can’t see the bottom of my closet. With this light I can, when I need to. I don’t need it on all the time, so having a touch on works great.

I’m going to purchase one to keep in my car. Not only does it charge with a typical micro USB, it stores in  a small place and it has a flashing beam for emergency situations. Great product to have.

10 out of 10 thumbs up.

To purchase this at $9.98, click here


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