LT AND PK Bike Light Rear Bicycle Headlight

Excellent, sturdy quality and very easy to control with lots of options. The back light snaps on and the control button is on the light. It has multiple flashing options or a solid red light. To turn this on you need to hold the button in for a couple of seconds, then a quick push will cycle through the lights. Hold it down to turn off. The front light snaps open and then screws to loosen and tighten. It has an inner pad to help attach securely. The controller is on the top and does not need to be held down to turn it on, just a quick push. It will cycle between three brightness levels or a flashing beam. Both are USB rechargeable and it comes with two charging cables.

9 out of 10 thumbs up!

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  • Hello – I am trying to install the rear light – the red one – on my bike. You say all you have to do is “pop it between two bars”. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand. Where are the two bars? Where and how do you install it? Please send me some more detailed directions. I was able to install the front light, but I’m very frustrated about the red light for the rear. Thanks.

    Jack Levy

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