Ekouaer Women’s High Waist Printed Wide Leg Yoga Palazzo Pants

I’m not as happy with this as I was hoping to be.

First – they showed up obviously used. They were in a package that was semi-taped closed. They were not folded, just shoved in the bag. It was clear they had been an item that was returned and then just gifted on to me.

Second – The color is so faded. The fabric doesn’t look anything like the picture. I ordered these in #54, which looks like a dark blue, nearly black. The ones I received are a washed out, faded light blue. They don’t look trendy, they look old and used.

Now those two major items aside, they do seem to be listed correctly as far as sizing. I purchased large, my waist is 30, and they fit well. They are exceptionally long, but I stand just under 5’, so I expected that. They do have the wide leg, boho look to them.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to send them back. I feel they were a little expensive to have received a used item that doesn’t completely fit the description.

2 out of 10 thumbs up.

There are a lot of color options, so if you wish to purchase for $15-$18, click here


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