TBS Better Life Adhesive Hooks, 4 Pack Beautiful Design Nail Free Hangers

These look really cool, and they work awesome. The paper on the back peels off to give you a very large sticky area, and that provides an excellent, strong connection to any surface. They’re nice enough to have visible, and will easily hold the weight of a coat, but I wanted them to use some wasted space in my pantry and cupboards. In my cupboards, the brushes took up this crazy amount of space in my tubs, plus they fell out and got in the way every time I tried to get to the cleaning supplies. Problem solved, hang them on the door. These are some heavy brushes, too. These hooks have no problem supporting them. In my pantry, I happened to have a bag I kept my tea bags in. That went on a hook. Chips, those bags take up a lot of space. I put them in a bag and now they’re out of the way hanging on the door, and they’re not getting squashed and broken up every time I have to move them out of the way. I’m going to get another set for the bathroom. They have some adorable options in design, and the hearts are going to look super cute on the wall of my shower. Perfect place to hang bath brush, poofs and my mitt. Loving these!

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase this set at $7.99, click here There are four super cute designs to choose from.


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