KitchenHero Colander Set – 3 Collapsible Colanders

Love that there are 3 of these. There are a lot of features about these that make them my favorites. First – back to the fact that there are three. I found that the colander with smaller holes, and especially only in the bottom, works perfect when I clean my fish tank. Obviously, I don’t want to use that one for food prep. I use the green one for this. The rock goes in, doesn’t come out, and it gets a perfect rinse. So onto the two left over. Great for dinner prep. I can rinse my chicken in one, veggies in the other. But that’s what works for my house, there are a lot of benefits to having three. One for you, two for gifts. One still available when two are in the dishwasher. I could go on. But the excellent features of the colander itself is the size, great for smaller households, or again, for veggies when you don’t need the oversized one. The silicone makes for easy clean up. It folds flat, and stores in the smallest space. Easy pop open, easy pop closed. Bottom line, these are great for all of the above mentioned items, but having three in the set really tops all.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

To purchase this set at a great price of $11.99, click here

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