KROM Burger Press Kit with Grill Mat

I love Juicy Lucy’s. But they can be difficult to make. This set made them so simple! So you fill the well about half way up with ground beef/pork/turkey, whatever you prefer. Use the press with the outer shell removed. It’s going to flatten out the patty and make a good sized well in it. You can fill that well with whatever you want, and the website gives you a ton of ideas. Think bacon, ranch, chives, lots of cheese! Then you fill it the rest of the way with your ground meat and smooth it to the edges. Then put the outer shell on the press, click it into place and put a piece of the round wax paper on the end. This is so the ground meat won’t stick and you can turn it smoother. If you run out of these, any waxed paper cut to size will work. Once you’ve pressed it to the size you want, just turn it upside down, press on the base, and out comes the patty. If you want to make sliders, just keep the outer shell off and use the smaller sized frame and you’ve got mini burgers! This is awesome, you’ll have perfectly sealed burgers with a surprise inside, and all of your burgers will be a consistent size. You will set an amazing spread!

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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