HSI PROFESSIONAL HSI Dryonizer Lightweight Ceramic Blow Dryer

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I purchased a flat iron from HSI and I loved it. Decided to try some of their other tools. My current blow dryer was only a few months old and I guess you could say it ran fine, except that if I used the medium heat setting it didn’t style my hair like I wanted, and if I used the high setting, it would burn the ends of my hair. See the problem? This one is like going from copper to gold. My hair is extremely thick and long and has a lot of natural wave. It styles better when it sets quickly. However, even the medium setting on this one provides a better finish than the high setting on the former. It comes with two attachments that provide a more condensed and intense stream of air, also. I can wrap the longest parts of my hair around a round brush and use the attachment to focus directly on that area and set it quickly. It’s a decent weight for the size, doesn’t tire my arms out when drying all of my hair. Takes a lot less time to dry, and there is very little static in once done. Lots of great shine, tons of body. Good selection of settings and like all HSI products, the cord is exceptional quality and longer than any other tools. It includes the cool shot button, and the back has the screen protector that is easily removed to clean the lint and other items so your dryer is going to last longer. Great product line, HSI!

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase this at $49.99, click here  You will also note it is listed as “Amazon’s Choice”.

You can also copy and paste this link: https://www.amazon.com/HSI-Dryonizer-Lightweight-Pressure-Warranty/dp/B0761XX275

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