MHU Pro Hot Air Brush & Volumizer

As most who know me are aware, I have an ongoing battle with my hair. It’s long, about to the middle of my back, ridiculously thick and chooses its own behavior from one day to the next. Curly, wavy, frizzy, fly away, flat, too much body. I’ve been all over the grid. So, I have every type of hair tool available to address whatever frame of mind I’m dealing with that day. I had been eying this one but hadn’t jumped yet due to the format of the bristles. Since my hair is so thick, I wasn’t sure these thin, flexible bristles could go through my hair. I typically use a Conair brush and a blow dryer set on high. During the winter I only dry my bangs because the rest of my hair gets so full of static. Normally I wear it back in a pony tail on the driest of days. But, I wanted to try another solution to see if this might actually be IT. My hair had been in the towel about 15 minutes when I brushed it out and started running this brush through my hair on the highest setting. I noticed it didn’t burn my hand. I could hold my hair against the barrel and feel the heat, but not any irritation. I didn’t have a single tangle. I could start at the top of my root and run it through the entire length, the entire thickness and not one tangle. Now, due to that thickness and the fact that my hair was still very wet, the sides never did completely dry, but they got close. And it was so straight without the obvious look of a flat iron. I didn’t have to dry the fragile ends. It still had so much fullness and body, amazing shine. If I’m going to dry the long sections of my hair, it’s going to take longer than a typical blow dry. However, if I don’t have to flat iron it then, I could actually be saving time and damage to my hair. I decided to tackle my bangs. Those do give me the worst time. I want them to have body and look not so thick, like if I’m wearing them flat and full against my forehead. But, that’s hard to achieve. On the days I luck out and they do have some fullness, static usually comes hand in hand with that and the look I had walking out of the bathroom lasts as long as walking to the car. This dried my bangs in minutes. About the same time the blow dryer takes. I was able to dry them straight holding them just a bit out from my forehead and combing down, then just the barest curling under at the ends. Perfection and no static. It holds my entire 10 hour work day, not losing body. I don’t have to use the flat iron, nor hair spray. Now, I’m sure I will still have bad hair days. But so far, the ease of use, the results and the continuity have been amazing. The device is lightweight, I have not had problems with my arms getting tired during extended use. The brush bristles have handled my crazy hair and not a one has fallen out. The cord is long and swivels well. There is no heat up, you turn it on low or high and it’s ready immediately. I am a bit skittish to say this early that this is IT, but wow, I’m sure enjoying the good hair days I’ve been blessed with since purchasing this!

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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