Yemo Macbook Pro Charger

Works great on my Mac. It gives a good solid connection, and lets you know when it’s charging, when the charge is complete. It claims a lot of built in protection. I actually do not have a way to test if all of those are accurate. It is a great price when you compare to other chargers, but chargers are expensive. It seems as your devices age, finding the correct charger even gets more expensive. Be sure you look at the measurements on the listing. There is a fine line between the various chargers, and how they fit into the indentation on the device. This one has a 5/8” raised area, it is considered a maglife2. The original maglife was a 1/2” area, so verify what your device needs. The cable is sturdy and very flexible. It has the more silicone feel to it, not the hard plastic. The connection to the power bank is very well protected, so you won’t have to worry that twisting and bending is going to cause any issues with broken wires.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase this at $22.99, click here

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