Socofy Folkways Handmade Sandals

Fell in love with these at first sight. They’re not for everyone, but if you aren’t the type that just wants to blend into the crowd, you’re going to love them! The quality is superb. Very soft leather, very flexible, the comfort is way beyond what I expected. There is an unusual extra bit of leather along the back, above the heel. It is a thinner leather, very pliable. It is awesome for grabbing to help pull the shoe on, and it keeps the hard, stiff back from rubbing along your ankle and that bone above your heel. The upper strap is connected with a strong, sturdy piece of Velcro and gives the shoe a secure fit. The flowers on the toe are adorable. They are many layered and attached very well. The heel is a unique shape, but I didn’t notice a difference when walking at all. They do run accurate to size. Love these, and after looking at all of the other unique items offered by this brand, they have a repeat customer!

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase these at $41.98, click here

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