HSI Professional GliderPlus Pink Hair Straightener

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I have always used a very expensive flat iron – think over $100. I have extremely thick, very long hair that has a lot of natural wave. I need a serious tool to attack it. It was starting to show some age and I needed to replace it. I was impressed with the features this offered and decided to try it out. Very very impressed. My favorite features:

  • Super long power cord. Very strong, swivels freely. I can reach down and pet my pooch while I’m using it. ?
  • The floating heads! I have not used something like this before. It makes it so much easier to use on different thickness of hair. It adjusts from the top of my head where it’s thicker and still provides a secure clamp down to my thinner ends
  • The ceramic heads are amazingly smooth. On my older one (that rhymes with HE), the thing that started to happen was it would snag my hair as I was running it down the length. This feels like I’m running my hair through silk.
  • I love the length. I can use a wider section of hair and the heat is evenly disbursed the entire length. Cuts down on the time I’m stuck in the bathroom.
  • One pass does it. Check out my pictures. You can see what my hair looked like to begin with, and what it looked like in one pass. Less heat applied to my hair with one pass.
  • The ceramic heads make my hair so shiny! Looks healthy. It retains the body, adds shine. And a really nice feature is, less static. I hate the static my hair holds in the cold months.
  • Controls – They’re hidden on the interior. A little difficult to reach, but not bad. And I’ll take a little hassle over accidentally hitting them when I’m in the middle of grooming and all of a sudden I realize there is no more heat because I accidentally shut it off.
  • Controls again. There is the power button to turn it on. On the other side is a plus and minus button so you can manually adjust the temperature. OR – there is another button that when you hit it, it immediately starts heating it up to 450F. Love that new feature!
  • Heats up FAST. Within a couple of minutes, this is at full temp. True story – on work days I just dry my bangs and let the rest of my hair dry naturally. Too rushed on a typical morning to do a lot of foo foo. When I go to dry my bangs I turn the flat iron on. When my bangs are dry, the flat iron is ready for use.

This is definitely as good as, but in my opinion, better than the high dollar flat iron I initially invested in. The features I loved that made me purchase my first expensive one, are included with this one plus more. It’s worth the investment, it’s worth giving it a shot.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase this at $59.99, click here

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