Celmia Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Round Neck Solid Loose Long Maxi Dress

I think this is one of the most awesome dresses I have ever purchased. It is so comfortable, very loose, lightweight but warm. And even though it has such a bulky, baggy look to it, it does not add like inches to your hips, or not define your waist. It actually masquerades any bumps or bulges you don’t want visible. The dark color (I chose the dark green), long clean cut, and the way it narrows at the thigh and continues to cut in down to the hem really gives a longer, leaner look. The sleeves are slim cut also, but not tight. When I first received it, it was horribly wrinkled. It is that crepe look fabric, and I thought, oh boy this is going to be difficult to keep looking nice. But, I washed it (the colors did not bleed, I was nervous of that), and when I dried it I put the dryer on the wrinkle free setting. When I took it out of the dryer, it looked perfect. In my pictures, it is freshly washed and dried. I did not iron it. I took it out and put it on. Look at the awesome burgundy shoes I paired it with. You can add so many accessories to change up the look. If you put on a wide, stretchy belt, it is going to accentuate your waistline and add the unique flared hip. Or add a bright, multi-colored scarf. Your choice in shoes is really going to complete the look and determine which style you want to portray.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase this at $21.99, click here

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