Majestic Pure Aloe Vera Gel

This is a little thinner than a previous purchase, but I didn’t notice that it has effected the quality at all. There is a very light, pleasant scent to it. It’s pretty runny for what I consider a gel, so be prepared for that. I actually use this for something besides skin care, which I’ll get to. However, if you use this for burns or on your skin, my tip is to put this in the fridge. It gives amazing relief when it’s chilled! The great thing about this is that it comes with two options for the lid. I keep the pump dispenser on it, put it in the door of my fridge, and it’s simple to jump pump it into my hand. But, what I purchased this for is my elderly kitty. She is 15 years old, a black long hair. The poor thing has the worst dandruff. Now, whether it makes her itch, I don’t know. She is declawed, both front and back, so it doesn’t give her a lot of relief to use her paws for scratching, so she never really has. I’m sure that probably has something to do with her dandruff issues also, since she can’t really self-exfolliate. Since she’s a black cat, it’s very obvious on her fur. I’ve tried so many things to make her comfortable, and I’ve found that aloe seems to help. I don’t poor it on her, I put it in my hands and rub them to coat my hands and then pat her down, really giving her a good massage. Oh she loves it! She rolls from side to side to give me better access. I do this about once a week. For about a day her fur is a little stiff on the ends, but the more I pet her, the more they go back to normal. You should note that if you do this, you are going to be fur covered afterwards. But, aloe really is the do all see all, it is a miracle worker for so many things. I’m glad to have found a successful option for even the pets. A side note – this comes  very well protected, so no worries of leaks. It has an orange stopper in it, it is enclosed in protective wrap, and then placed in a bag!

8 out of 10 thumbs up!

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