3 In 1 Professional Travel Ceramic Hair Curling Iron

My first impression was that it takes a long time to warm up. It does state in the instructions it can take 3-5 minutes, so they’re not attempting to hide the fact. For it to reach the heat where I received results, it took the full 5 minutes, and I actually walked away for awhile and forgot about it so it could be longer than 5 minutes. I always turn it on first thing in the morning and apply my make up, dry my hair, etc, before using it. I also felt it wasn’t very long, and since I have very thick, wavy hair, that reaches the middle of my back, I thought it was going to take a long time to get my hair done. So after using this many times, here are my conclusions:

  • It does take a while to heat up, but when it reaches it’s full potential, I am very happy with the results. My bangs are beyond difficult, and I don’t get the same results from one hour to the next. One pass and my bangs are super straight without looking silly. When I run the comb through them, they fluff up and settle down and look very natural. Even after being slept on, and I completely immerse myself in my sleep.
  • Yes, it is on the short side. However, I used this with the same sized section of hair I typically use with my full size straightener, and I was satisfied with the results. This is a great size for a travel iron and it’s very lightweight.
  • On its own, it does not clamp your hair down tight on the crimper and the flat iron. BUT – there is a tip on this that stays cool to the touch, and you clamp the ends closed by pinching this. This works to your benefit, especially on the crimping. You may not want a tight crimp and this allows for your personalized touch. When I flat-iron my hair, I pinch the ends and run it down the length of my hair, which is actually about 2 feet. It runs smooth, no snags, and great results.
  • Good results on all options. As I’ve said, very happy with the flat iron results. I divide my hair into 4 layers. I divide each layer into 7 sections. I do one pass with the flat iron on each section, then after that layer is complete, I go back and touch up any ends that aren’t curling under just a bit. For the crimper, you do NOT want to leave this on any section for long. Due to the tight crimp, it’s going to make your hair feel burnt. It is not. I divide my hair up pretty much the same, except instead of 7 sections, I probably end up doing 12-14. Crimping takes a long time, just be prepared for it. However, you want to leave each section no more than 7-10 seconds, and that might be pushing it. Less is better. The curling iron part holds my thick hair in great. The teeth are long enough to hold even thick hair, but not too long that your hair tangles. When I want to feather the ends of my bangs back just a little, I just wrap my hair and comb back a few times.

So, bottom line, it is smaller, it takes quite a while to heat up, but I am pleasantly surprised with the results I received. I go over and spend the weekend with my mother a few times a month and I purchased this to leave at her house. I don’t consider this a satisfactory alternative, I consider this another primary tool I can depend on.

7 out of 10 thumbs up

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