Monica Rea Women’s 4 Pack Low Cut Socks

These are meant for women, but they were way too long for me. I wear a size 6 shoes. Super comfortable, the seams are finished well, so there’s no discomfort at the toes or heels. The elastic at the ankle is firm but not tight. Soft interior. I gave these to my son, he wears a size 10 in mens and they fit him great.

Now, I’m not impressed with the web listing, but judge for yourself. It states it is a 4 pack, and it does show various colors. However, I don’t feel it’s clear on what you’re going to receive. You receive 2 gray and 2 red, there is a small variance in the shades. It also states that these are for women, size 3-8. Even a size 8 women’s size is going to swim in these. They are very long as I said. They aren’t too big, as far as how they fit, just very long. They also are advertised as ‘no show’, That is not accurate. Socks that come up past your ankle are not considered ‘no-show’. These are ankle socks, period. They are not heavy winter socks, but they are on the thicker side and they are soft, comfortable and very warm.

The socks are worthy of 8 out of 10 thumbs up, but if I were to take into consideration the description and what I would expect based on that, I would rate it much lower.

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