Free Hand Precision Tip Applicator Bottles

These are amazing when you have a tiny area you need to apply glue to. Excellent choice for crafts. The metal spout is tiny and long, but allows a decent amount of product to come out. Not too much, just enough for the size of the hole. It makes it so easy to get into small areas. A big deal for me when I was trying to glue a tiny chip back onto a porcelain dish. I didn’t want it to spill over and mar the look. This worked perfect. Plus, it comes with a little silicone cap, so whatever you put in the container, this is going to help keep it fresh. The bottles are small, but when you have an intense job that requires a small tip, in most cases you aren’t going to need a lot of product. Personally I think the size is perfect. Decent quality, hold up hand washing very well.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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