Fivanus 2 Pack Food Sealers Bags

The brand name version of these are so expensive, and I go through a lot. Was very happy to find these. The quality is just as nice. The seams are sturdy, the thickness provides great protection. I had no issues with them sealing perfect, there were no missed areas, and there was no air left behind. I was able to write easily on the outside and it stayed put. These are excellent.

I typically freeze my food in portion sizes.  So, around 6 ounches of meat, 6-10 wings, around that size. I cut about a 6 inch long section. It held the portion amount perfectly, and it was so flat and even I was literally able to stack them like books. I stored the food for several weeks before eating the first one. There was absolutely no ice crystals. Very happy with the results.

10 out of 10 thumbs up.

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