CleanPaleo Manuka Crunch Paleo Breakfast Cereal Blend

This is just pretty delish! It’s not overly sweet, they’ve used the natural sweetness of the ingredients combined with honey and it works. Very filling. The clusters are not too large, so they’re not difficult to chew up. A nice amount in the bag, but it is a little spendy. However, it seems you pay more for healthy and natural. If you’re used to, and ok with, the typical price, then you will enjoy the flavor and consistency of this.

This is grain free and gluten free. I have always been very careful with my teeth, as they break easily. Eating this right out of the bag, I didn’t hit anything too hard. The clusters are small. They’re not chewy, but not rock hard, the perfect consistency for me. They have a natural sweetness, you can taste the honey but it is not overwhelming at all, the taste of the other ingredients is allowed to come through. I took this over to my mom’s for her to try. While we were chatting, I watched as she kept reaching in and snacking. Between the two of us, in a 24 hour period of time we left only enough to have two bowls for breakfast. It’s very easy to just sit and snack on.

7 out of 10 thumbs up overall, only because of the high cost.

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