Airand LED Motion Sensor Light Strip

I have lights in every cupboard and closet in my house. Motion sensor lights. And I love them, I recommend them to everyone. But, I have a tall pantry that I’ve never found adequate lighting for, there are 3 deep shelves, and short of putting a light on each shelf, it just didn’t give me what I needed. This one is amazing. I hate the fact that it takes 4 batteries, but hopefully they will last a decent amount of time. This only lights up when it senses motion, and when it’s dark enough to trigger it. It can be set for manual or automatic, so if you do want it to stay on, it can. The length of the light strip was perfect for me, it goes nearly the full length of my pantry and provides a very bright, fully illuminating light for the pantry. The controller attaches to the wall via Velcro that has one sticky side. So, when you need to change the batteries, you can just pull the Velcro apart. The light strip attaches via a sticky side. It’s lightweight, so it holds up well. Very happy that I finally found a great solution.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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