Purean Hard Wax Beans 10.6 oz

I wish this wasn’t a necessity in my life. But, since it is, I’m thankful these work as well as they do. To fill up my heating pot, I used half the bag. I’ve waxed my lower arms twice with excellent results and to be honest, I think I still have at least 5 more waxings available from the leftover amount, if not more. I’ve heated it up, let it harden over and over again. At the highest level, it melts quickly. It smooths on easily and very smooth. It dries in seconds, so you have to be quick and not do a large area at one time. There are also a lot of loose, stringy pieces, so be ready for that. Once I remove the heat, it hardens up in about 10 minutes. There has been no degrading in quality after many uses. I like having the resealable bag, very convenient. Excellent set as far as I can tell.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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