Homate USB Rechargeable Candle Lighter

I light around 6 candles at a time. I seem to go through those cheap long lighters frequently, and to be honest, I’m lucky if they were long enough to use up the fluid in them. They seem to last through about half of the liquid and then quit sparking. I don’t know why. Thought I’d try out this new solution and it is amazing.

  • So first, you don’t have to worry about filling it. No storing flammable liquids. It creates the spark from a USB charge
  • Second, it is somewhat smaller than a typical long lighter and doesn’t have the bulky handle, so it stores flat in a very small area
  • Third, it has a protective slide cap so the tips cannot be damaged. The power button does not work when closed.
  • And last, it works consistently and quickly. Push the power button and the spark arcs. Touch it to the wick and it lights almost immediately every time.

I am truly amazed at the price. This will pay for itself in no time over the inconsistent lighters. It’s safer, more secure, works better. This is going to be a great stocking stuffer this year for my family members.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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