Free Hand Oil Painting Deluxe Art Set

I’m very impressed with the quality and quantity of this set. The paints are smooth and creamy. Then blend excellent, they cover perfectly and you can easily navigate any effect you want. The included plate is great for mixing, the wells are the perfect size. It’s a sturdy metal, cleans up so easily. Also thrown in is a framed and stretched piece of canvas. This is a great add-on.

Now, when it came to the brushes, I had mixed results. The majority of the brushes turned out to be great quality. As with most brushes, these came with the brush lightly coated for protection. When you fan the brush, the hairs separate and their true consistency shows. These are excellent and consistent from type to type, the handles are attached so well and comfortably ergonomic. I found little to no loose hairs.

However, on approximately 3 of the brushes, the coating would not come off. The ends of the brushes remained solidly locked together and required a thorough cleaning. The quality still appears to be nice, but I can tell a bit of a difference in them, due to the abuse I had to give them before use.

My son is a very talented artist and my granddaughter is following in his steps. She hasn’t determined her favorite format yet, so I love to help her explore all disciplines. The quality of a few paint brushes isn’t going to affect her, but a more serious artist is definitely going to notice.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

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