ILSELL Polyester Shower Curtain Mildew-Resistant,Water-Repellent & Antibacterial

I love the unique look of this. I wanted to do something different in my bathroom and this was perfect. It’s a very long curtain, I moved my rod up about 4 inches. It’s not the plastic feel material, this is the softer silkier type that feels like real fabric. Makes it very easy to launder. I put it on the wrinkle free setting and it comes out of the dryer ready to be hung up, no ironing. However, if necessary, it could be ironed with no issues, I would just use a lower heat. The holes for the hooks are reinforced very well. I did not use the standard hooks that came with it, I purchased some that I think work very well with it. The graphic is nice, it’s not pixelated or washed out looking. Lots of detail and authentic color. Gave me the exact look I was going for.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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