AODI 3 Wheels Foldable Scooter Wiggle Trike

Not your basic scooter. This takes the ride and bumps it up to turbo! It’s a heavy unit, almost entirely metal. It requires some setup, and to be honest, the instructions were not a lot of help. The pictures that came with it helped me more. The 2 main steps to set up are to unfold it and then line up the two large dials on the bottom and screw them in. You will have to apply some pressure to get them started. Then install the handlebars. I was doing this alone and it was difficult. You have to completely remove the bracket, Removing one screw and loosening one screw will not open it up wide enough to push the bar in. When I removed the first screw, 3 spacers fell out and I had to spend time locating them. Trying to balance the handlebars, line up the bracket again, and get the screws tightened while not losing the spacers was a challenge, If you can, have 2 people doing this. But, once those 2 items are done, setting everything to your specs is all that’s left. Everything is going to feel loose, but it’s supposed to be that way. It needs this to be able to do the ‘wiggle’ that gets the momentum going. The foot pads are a good size, will hold any size foot comfortably. The distance they are apart is good for all sizes. The handlebar height is highly configurable for all sizes, too. The wheels are excellent quality, oversized and thick. If you start your ride at any kind of an incline you get going quickly and learning the wiggle keeps it going good. I purchased this for my 11 year old grandson’s birthday, but everyone from age 4 up to 55 took a turn at it and we all had a blast. It stores easily, just loosen the large knobs from the initial setup and fold it down. The handlebar will turn sideways and everything lays flat. If you want to hang it up, just tighten the knobs down again and it will hang on a typical bicycle hook. The quality of this is excellent, it’s the best price I found for something of this caliber. Excellent purchase!

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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