Scymore Top 6 Essential Oil Set

My first purchase from this brand, love them! Nice, vibrant and pure scent in my diffuser. They really take very little, although I like an intense scent so I always use a little more than necessary. My 200ml diffuser, I use about 6-8 drops, and love what it does for my house. The mint is just like a Christmas Candy Cane!

The scents include:

Lavender: Calming, mood relaxer. This is excellent to have going in your diffuser at night.

Orange:  This is a bright, crisp scent and is so helpful on gloomy days to lift my mood.

Tea Tree: Besides being one of my favorite overall scents, this has amazing physical properties. It is a skin purifier, works with dandruff, clears lice.

Lemongrass: Can improve the circulatory system function, promote blood circulation, lower blood pressure. Enhance the immune system and improve the digestive system function. Has the effect of smoothing and relieving headaches and migraine.

Eucalyptus: Help calm emotions, helps clear your mind and improve concentration. This is also an excellent choice to blend with other oils for a unique new scent.

Peppermint: Helps minimize results of a cold or flu. Helps open up sinuses, relieves migraines.

These are very pure scents, and there are no odd notes or indefinable finishes. They are exactly what you expect in a scent and I have no hesitation using them for physical improvements.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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