Red-Green Plaid Dress – Elf on a Shelf

What a cute little idea.  My grandchildren are all about their elves at Christmas. One has Twinkles and one has Jingles. This one is for Twinkles. When I took this over to them, my 5 year old granddaughter’s eyes just lit up. She was so excited that she would be able to lay out an outfit for her elf next year. Obviously, Twinkles has gone home for the year so she isn’t here to try on the outfit, but it looked adorable on the Barbie I tried it on. It’s made very well, good stitching and strong Velcro, for easy on/off. It did have a lot of loose strings, but they were easy enough to clip off.  Colors exactly as shown, with the red plaid matching well with her permanent outfit.  They are very very careful not to touch her, as that is one of the rules, but I know they will be excited to wake up and see if she’s put on her new clothes.

8 out of 10 thumbs up

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