Ollypet Dog Hoodie Security Clothes For Pets

These did end up showing up extremely late. They took nearly 3 months to arrive. We’re now in a deep freeze where I live, so they aren’t real effective against this cold. They’re more lightweight, however the black one is thicker than the camo one. These are meant to be worn as the seasons transition from fall to winter. For now I’m just keeping them on him all the time and adding a thicker coat when he goes outside. They do fit very well. He weighs 9 pounds and the size medium is perfect. I really love that there is a little slot for the leash loop, as he wears a harness as well as a collar, and I prefer to attach the leash to his harness. I don’t know how he does it, but at least once a day he somehow gets his foot out of the sleeve hole and stuck up inside the shirt. But the funniest thing is when the hood goes over his face. ADORABLE! He wanders around blind for a little bit and I have caught some beyond cute pictures of this. I am very happy with the quality, but less than excited about the shipping time.

9 out of 10 thumbs up for the article, 2 out 10 for the shipping.

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