In_Time Handmade Flowers Large Shoulder Bag

This is SO cool! The colors and design are as bright and fun as shown. Excellent quality, the leather and shipping are great. The lining inside is stitched down throughout the entire purse, not just at the top, and flopping around loose in the interior. There are two open pockets, and they are nice sized, there is a zippered pocket also, and it’s a nice zipper. The exterior zipper is heavy duty, works great. The metal rings and strips for the shoulder strap are securely stitched, as are the leather loops for the hand held straps.  I loaded it up (holds a TON) and went to my first store and received a compliment within 5 minutes.

Not e that the embellishments on it are all hand made. Love this!

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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