Glamaker Women’s Sexy Off Shoulder Denim Jeans Jackets

So cute! I purchased this in size 14. I could have gone down a size, but it is still a cute fit. It’s meant to be snug, not tight. It has a lot of stretch so there is some leeway in sizing. My measurements are bust 36D waist 31. It rests just above your hips, although I stand just under 5′, so a bit longer on me. I have large upper arms, and this does not fit tight at all. Looks adorable with a tank and some tight blues, but since it is winter, and I wanted to wear it to work (we have a casual atmosphere but not that casual) I layered it over a long tunic, paired it with some leggings and boots. I love having a unique look and pairing the unusual, this look worked. It is good quality denim, but the stretch in it is much more than than a pair of today’s blue jeans. A very firm stretch, so it smooths the surface, and lots of it. Many buttons up the front and they can be left open or snugged up, adorable look either way. Very happy with this!

10 out of 10 thumbs up.

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