Lovespot Pet Dog Booster Car Seat

I’ve tried a couple of different dog seats and ended up giving them to my kids. This one is my keeper. It has everything I wanted.

  • Soft liner that can be removed for washing. Also includes a soft pad in the bottom that sets on top of the liner. Can also be washed. The liner folds over the corners, and stays in place via Velcro
  • Long straps that do not get in the way. One strap goes around the back of the seat, the other goes around the headrest. They are very easy to tighten up and they hold the seat securely in place.
  • A strong, hard base. This can be hoisted into the air due to the solid base, it doesn’t have to rest on the seat. My dog is small and cannot see out of the window unless the seat is high enough, and so they need to have a solid base.
  • Tons of pockets for storage.
  • Easy clean canvas exterior. I didn’t even know I wanted/needed this. But it has made it so easy to keep clean

The only thing I would change about this is the leash that I secure Herbie to is pretty short and the length cannot be changed. I wish there was just a little more length to it. I got around it by purchasing a cheap leash that I could modify and attach to it, giving him about 6 more inches of wiggle room. Otherwise, I love this seat, as does my pup.

This is worthy of thousands of thumbs up!

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