GiftWay Modern White Metal 3 Panel Trellis Folding Jewelry Hanger

For the price, this is a great buy. It holds a lot of jewelry, every kind imaginable. The earring bars have enough space between them that you can even include large hoops. The wavy bar for the necklaces helps keep them separated and untangled, and the size of the hoops allows for even the broader chains. It’s tall, so it holds up to a 24” necklace well. Anything longer, you’ll need to loop over. I like the bracelet holder the best, personally. Bracelets take up SO much room in the jewelry box, so this makes it super handy. And this and the necklace holder can also double as ring holders.  It’s very lightweight, and the bards are not the sturdiest, they *will* bend if you force them, but it’s going to hold up well to a lot of jewelry.

There was one section on the post/leg that I found to have a break in the paint, but did not seem to have gone through to the metal.

7 out of 10 thumbs up!

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