Spoil Cupid Sterling Silver Matte Finish with Brushed Texture Hollow Open Heart Stud Earrings

Cute and well made. For as delicate as these are, they have some strength and durability to them, so they hold their shape well. The posts are decent length, not overly long, so they don’t poke behind my ear. The post slides are easy to put on, and they stay in place. Nice gloss to the gold plating. For the price, these are very well constructed and they’ve held up well. I’ve worn them a few times, forgot to take them off at night, and took a shower with them still on the next day. Not chipping, peeling or discoloration so far. Excellent choice for stocking stuffers, friend exchanges, or someone hard to buy for. Nice to have on hand when someone shows up with a gift you weren’t expecting, and you can reciprocate. They don’t come with a special box or bag, but otherwise, a cute little set.

7 out of 10 thumbs up.

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