LoHi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

You’re going to be just a little bit shocked when you hear the sound quality on this. In fact, you’ll probably double check what you paid for it. And you’ll probably wonder if maybe the price was a mistake. And then probably, for just a few seconds, you will feel a little guilty that you got this pretty awesome little speaker for this price. But I wouldn’t spend too much time on that. Definitely spend your time streaming your music and enjoying your favorite sound. I listened to many different genres and there was no disappointment. It is a little heavy on the treble, but I didn’t think it was a enough to cause it to sound tinny. It isn’t meant to exemplify bass, but the one song I played that was a little bass heavy, it was still a great sound. I could feel the vibration. Very basic on the controls, the power on button takes you right into bluetooth and the functions as play/pause. The volume controls also function to move through your playlist. It’s small and compact, protected well will a rubber casing. It has a sturdy clip on the side, which would attach easily to a backpack pocket or shoulder strap, or a bar on a bicycle. Very happy with the quality, the sound quality, the appearance and the functionality.

9 out of 10 thumbs up

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