Ergo Teething Pad + Cotton Drool Pads for Ergobaby ADAPT Carriers by Baby Preferred

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I have my NINTH grand-baby due in November, and through all nine of them, I’ve never tired of purchasing every cute outfit or handy dandy device that comes along. This new baby happens to be joining a big brother who will be 18 months old when he’s born. So, mama is going to have her hands full. A month ago I purchased her a baby carrier, hoping to make things a bit easier for her. So, what I want to mention here is I did not purchase the original brand name Ergobaby carrier. But, these fit on the one I purchased, this is a win win situation.

These are excellent quality and they’re going to make an already excellent product an excellent *plus* product. We didn’t have baby carriers like this back in the day when I was raising my children, so this is a learning process for me. Until I saw these, I didn’t think about the fact that little drooling baby is going to make the carrier a bit messy. This little add-on is going to make things a lot nicer for mom. These snap right on over the shoulder straps, right at baby’s mouth level, where they’re going to want to chew. The smaller snap on pieces are lint free, very soft.  No visible seams that are going to irritate baby’s mouth. Easy to remove and launder. They’re small, and to keep them lint free I would recommend putting them in a lingerie bag, and not putting them in the dryer. It would also be a simple task to wash them out in the sink with a baby friendly laundry soap, such as Dreft or a natural, organic cleanser.

The larger piece slips over the main support unit and completely covers it. It has elastic straps attached to also slip over the waistband to hold it in place. It also is soft and lint free. It is long enough to completely cover the front and back of the main body, and will work whether you are using it for a newborn, to protect their little neck, an older baby that is facing the front and at the full drool stage, or as a back carrier with the baby facing you or away from you. This is going to prove beneficial at all ages and stages. I love the quality, the fact that all seams are hidden, the completely organic construction, the ease of install and how simple it is to remove and clean, and even though it’s an aside mention, the neutral but adorable color and pattern. This is an excellent addition to your Ergobaby carrier, or as I mentioned, it will adapt to any baby carrier you choose to use.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

To purchase this on WalMart, click here

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