ENJOYNIGHT Women’s Casual 3/4 Sleeve Print Tunic

The ‘baseball jersey’ style shirt is my favorite. In my mind, it’s a very flattering look. I have a short torso, I stand just under 5’. The jersey cut gives me some length, with the curved hem. They still have a feminine cut to them, with a discernible waistline, and then flow out for our natural curves. They have a loose fit, so you can wear them oversized and it looks natural, not like you’re trying to drown in them. The ¾ sleeves are perfect for someone who is always pushing their sleeves up (ME). Tight around my wrist bothers me, and I am always pushing them up to my elbows. With the jersey, they’re already there. The contrasting colors of the sleeves help me hide my larger upper arms. They come in a variety of weights, so can be worn year ‘round. Always a huge selection of colors. I can wear this style with just about anything, from a denim skirt, to jeans, leggings or cut offs. Out for a casual dinner, over to a friend’s, around the house, to bed. The only place I cannot wear the typical baseball jersey is to work. I have a casual work place, and we can wear jeans, but that look, I think, would be a little too casual. So, how hard do you think I fell in love with this combo blouse/jersey? I have the best of everything now. This dresses up my favorite style enough that I can now wear this pretty much anywhere. It looks adorable under a jumper, with trousers, with leggings, with a skirt.

I purchased this in a large, my measurements are 36D, 29, 36. It has a lot of stretch to it, but I don’t know that I would have wanted to go any smaller. I think if you want it to fit like in the model, you need to go up at least one size, if not two. But, if you get the right size, you are going to love this and want one of every color.

10 out of 10 thumbs up

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