VIBELITE Solar Lights

I have solar in several locations around my home, and I love them. I wanted something to put out at my parents. They live in the country and have a long drive. Mom wanted a motion sensor, solar powered, bright light that would cover a good portion of the parking area and not have to stay on all the time. However, their drive and most of the way up to the house is lined with tree and where she wanted to mount a light just would not have access to sun to get a good charge. This solved everything. She is able to place the light aimed at the drive, and locate the solar panel in another area that got the most sun. An excellent feature is how everything is adjustable. She can set the light up high, angle it where needed, adjust the motion detector pointed downward. She can attach it, and forget it. There are dozens of bright, LED lights. I tested it out early this morning, pointed at my sidewalk. You can see the vast difference. Very happy with this solution.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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