Hoyou Funky Print Leggings For Women

These are pretty long on me, but I only stand around 5’. There is a lot of fabric bunched up around my ankles, so these would be excellent for someone taller. While they are adorable and comfortable, and will work fine for yoga or other exercise, I think these are nice enough to wear as an actual outfit. They have a glossy look to them, they’re very lightweight with a satiny-soft feel. I have a turquoise shirt that looks SO cute with them. I’m going to pair these with a pair of boots this winter and you won’t be able to see how long they actually are.

I got these in the large/XL size, and there is plenty of room. My hips are 36 and my upper thighs are sizeable, but I might have been able to go a size smaller, I think they may have been snug, but not too tight. However, at this size they are so comfortable and I love the bright, vibrant colors.

9 out of 10 thumbs up

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