CCbeauty Concealer Palette 10 Colors

I’m 54 years old, and my skin is aging. I don’t know a lot about concealers and contouring, I’ve just started using them in the last year. Everything I’ve learned has been from online searching. I loved the fact that this set has such a range of colors, and I currently use nearly every one of them.

There are a lot of neutral tones.Those can be used for a lot of different things from contouring to cover up. I use the darkest one for contouring, on my jawline and right along my cheek bone hollow. I use one tone darker than my skin to cover up the worst of my age spots. I’ve heard that greens can be used for that, and I do use the greens for some of them, but I have a few on my forehead that seem to show right through the greens. I use purple to cover up and brighten my skin that has red tones and to cover large pores. Mainly on my nose and chin. It brightens them and takes away shine. I use the yellow under my eyes, this is probably my favorite color. I use the brighter yellow under my eye, and the more mellow one on my eyelid and in the inner corner of my eye on either side of my nose. This color is magic, it brightens that area, takes away shadows. If you have your choice of one color, choose yellow. It will work wonders for you if you have an early morning after a late night.

So, I have numbered my pictures. Picture 1 is what I started with. No make up. Age spots, sallow skin and everything nature has blessed me with. Picture 2 is where I placed the various colors. Nothing is blended at this point, only placed. Picture 3 is when it is all blended. Don’t rub it in, just blend the edges of the colors, or where two meet. Picture 4 is with my foundation. So much improvement, it has nearly given me peaches and cream skin. Picture 5 is with my hair done, my eye make up, bronzer, the final package.

I feel self-conscious about my skin. I’m not trying to fight age, but I’m not going to go silently. When I can take 10 minutes and feel fresher simply from a few strategic color placements, then I feel better about the day in general.

You can mess around with this in the privacy of your own home, go out to YouTube and watch some videos. I can’t draw a stick figure, and I was able to figure it out, and not do a half bad job.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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