MishMish Thank You Cards Assortment Pack

This is really a nicer quality than you can tell from pictures. The cards are decorated well, crisp and bright, the printing is perfect. Very nice size, lots of room to write. But it’s the envelopes that are so impressive. They are not the typical paper envelope. They are a glossy cardstock, very heavy duty. The flap folds in and secures closed with a half circle punch out. They do not have a sticky strip for closure. There are 6 designs, 6 of each for a large collection of 36 cards and envelopes. And I *LOVE* that the surface is smudgeproof. Write, close, send. No worries about closing it too quickly and ruining the card. Very impressed!

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

This is an excellent set at less than $13. To purchase these, click here


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