Leader Accessories 5 Layer Car Cover

I purchased this for my brother for his classic car. It’s in storage, but it does get dust on it and you never know when a rodent of some kind could get in and potentially scratch it up. This seemed like a great gift for someone hard to buy for. I wanted to check it out first to make sure it would be adequate for him. It comes in a large bag, in a compressed plastic bag. There was no scent to it. It feels like kind of a cross between paper and fabric. You can see the length of it lying next to my vehicle. It was just me trying to put it on, and I was not very successful at it. However, it did fit. My car is just too tall for me to have tried this on my own. It has grommets and a strap with a buckle to attach it under your car. The elastic is excellent quality, holds it snug. It also comes with a patch so you can cut out an area for an antennae and then place the patch so the fabric will stay secure. I poured some water on it, and left it there for several minutes. It stayed pooled, it never soaked in. When I rolled it back up it was about 4 times bigger and I thought I would have a difficult time getting it back in the bag, but it went in and I was able to pull the drawstring closed. I have no qualms about giving this to my brother, it’s going to provide excellent protection for his ‘baby’.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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