Natrogix Bliss – Top 9 Therapeutic Grade 100% Pure Essential Oil Set

This set includes Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lemon, Moroccan Rosemary, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree, Peppermint, definitely some of the most popular. When I received the package I caught the scent before I even opened the box, had me worried that one of the bottles had leaked. All were intact, they just have a very intense, powerful, true scent. It takes very little to get a great scent going.

Worth its weight in gold is the little booklet that comes with it. It details out all of the oils and the way they work best. It also gives many recipes, including measurements and all ingredients for products like air freshener, stress reliever, among others.

It comes in a beautiful box, excellent for gift giving. Each bottle has a color appropriate label. The drip nozzle does tend to let the oil out quickly, so tread lightly.

10 out of 10 thumbs up!

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